неділя, 30 жовтня 2022 р.

Проблеми Миколаївського водопостачання на сторінках світової преси

Ну а сьогодні про особливості миколаївського побуту ще й у The New York Times написали. Збережу тут пару цитат на згадку:
The lack of potable water has plunged residents of what had been a relatively well-off city into a medieval routine of hauling water from wells and tanks set up in parks or churchyards and filled by charity organizations.

A shower is possible, though it leaves a patina of itchy salt. Brushing teeth is not recommended. The rust and other minerals in the water, which give it its orange hue, cause allergic reactions. Using it to prepare food, water a garden or run a washing machine are out of the question.

“Well, unfortunately, we live in this way now”

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